موضوع قصير عن عن الدمووع Tears بالانجليزي

People are the only animals that cry . When some one dies, we cry .When a baby is born, we cry .

When a dear person graduates, we cry .When we see people in trouble, we cry. We cry on different occasions the happy ones and the sad ones too. We cry for thousands of reasons , but no body knows really how we cry . Crying is a mystery . What is the true explanation for our tears? . What are tears ? How do they come ? Why do they coma ? Modern science doesn't have all the answers to these questions ..
We know a few facts a bout tears. We know , for example, that all tears have salt in them . We also know that there are two kinds of tears : emotional tears and reflex tears . Emotional tears come from feeling like happiness . Reflex tears come when we get a piece of dirt in the eye or we peel onions ..
William Frey, a scientist who is studying the chemistry of tears, said that there is more protein in emotional tears than in reflex tears ones, but nobody knows why there is that extra protein, and nobody knows where it comes from.. .
Frey's study also shows that women cry more often than men . They cry four times as often as men . However the study doesn't tell why that happens. Is because of biology? Or is it ok for women to cry in our society unlike men..
Frey has a theory about crying , but it hasn't been proved yet. He says that stress and pressure produce poison chemicals in the body . Crying is people's way to remove these poison chemicals out of the body..
Psychologists also believe that crying helps reduce stress that can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, and other serious disease. For our health, it may be good for all of us, men and women, to have a good cry more often

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