برستيشنات متنوعة جاهزة للتقديم جميع الصفوف some presentation

I love sports and many of them: the first sport is basketball is a game of sports, plays in the game two tries each to make the largest number of points. In each group there are five players, and they are divided on several points. The second is the sport football. The football one of the most common sports in the world and the oldest. The nature of play is involved in the game, two each consisting of one each of the eleven players (ten players, and guard goalkeeper). I love sports

عن الكيك

I love cakes alot
mom made a big cake for my birthday
cake comes in different shapes and flavours
i love chocolate cake
my sister loves strawberry cake

كيف تصبح سعيدآ

" How to make your life happy ??! "

Hi, today I went to talk about an important problem in our life, the problem is:

"How to make your life happy??!"

Many people think that the life be comes happy by having money or being rich.
But the true is? To have a happy life you have to obey God by doing things your God commands us to do like: praying the five prayers in the exact time, going to Hajj or Omrah, reading Quran.
The 2nd thing is obeying your parents especially your mother because the Para Dise is under feet of mothers.
And don’t forget your father because he working hard to make your life save and best.

Finally I wish you to have happy life and good life.

برزنتيشن عن دولة الكويت ..

Kuwait is a beautiful country. And the features of the State of Kuwait beautiful and many of them : the Kuwait towers-city entertainment and zoo. The State of Kuwait is a good and safe person who comes to Kuwait and says they love become his second. For example, all go to a place we see people from other countries operate in Kuwait. Because of Kuwait give them salaries strong. Finally, I want to say that Kuwait is a good country and respects other people.

عن الفيتامين ..

A vitamin is an organic compound required as a nutrient in tiny amounts by an organism.A compound is called a vitamin when it cannot be synthesized in sufficient quantities by an organism, and must be obtained from the diet. Thus, the term is conditional both on the circumstances and the particular organism. For example, ascorbic acid functions as vitamin C for some animals but not others, and vitamins D and K are required in the human diet only in certain circumstances.The term vitamin does not include other essential nutrients such as dietary minerals, essential fatty acids, or essential amino acids, nor does it encompass the large number of other nutrients that promote health but are otherwise required less often.

Vitamins are classified by their biological and chemical activity, not their structure. Thus, each "vitamin" may refer to several vitamer compounds that all show the biological activity associated with a particular vitamin. Such a set of chemicals are grouped under an alphabetized vitamin "generic deor" title, such as "vitamin A," which includes the compounds retinal, retinol, and many carotenoids. Vitamers are often inter-converted in the body.

عن الياهل

My Baby Brother

We have a new baby
He is a baby boy
My baby brother needs many things
a crib, a cradle, some bottles and some toys
sometimes my baby brother is no fun
He sleeps a lot
He eats a lot
He cries a lot
he makes Mum very busy

عن الهوايات
My favourite hobby

My favourite hobby is reading stories.
I read stories in my freetime.
I enjoy reading stories in the school library.

My favourite story is Tom Thumb

عن الكمبيوتر

the computer is very important
i can draw and write with the computer
i can see lots of pictures and play games
i enjoy the computer class in my school
i always turn the computer off when i finish

عن شرطي المرور
The policeman

The policeman works at the police station.
He works very hard to keep our country safe.
when I grow up I want to be a policeman

The importance of sport
اهمية الرياضة

Sports and exercises play an important role in our daily life. Everyone can benefit from exercise. You should do some physical activity at least three times per week. Regular exercise will keep your heart and lungs healthy, make you stronger, keep you healthier, and make you look better and make you feel better about yourself. Sports strengthen the body function of people and preserve the youth of them. I advise you to make some time to practice sport in order to have a happy and healthy life.

Free time…… وقت الفراغ

On school days I don't get long free time because of too much homework I have to do. I usually get two free hours every day. Then I can do what I like. I thing that watching T.V programmers is more interesting than watching video films. In my opinion, I think reading magazine is enjoyable and it's boring to read books and newspaper. I like to spend my holiday with my family; we usually go together to shopping center and some times to the cinema. On weekend, I prefer to visit my friend and spend lovely time with hear in her house.

Wild life……الحياه في البريه

Whales are found in most seas, but all the large species of whales are in danger of becoming extinct. Although whales are protected by the international agreement, they are hunted by the whaling countries Japan, Norway and others for their oil and whale's oil and musk, pet food and fertilizers. How caught whales are cashed by fast catcher boats then are killed with weapons, guns. After that they are taken to factory ships.\Finally they are cut up $$$$$d and turned in to oil.

A letter to a party……..رساله دعوه لرحله

Dear hanan,
I am inviting some friends on my birthday party next week on friend night, at 8 pm in my house.//It's going to be an amazing birthday party. There will be some music equipment which we are going to play on, so we can sing and dance. //At the end of the party, we are going to get out to garden to play and grill some steaks. //So you are invited to my birthday party, if you want to bring your small sister because there will be a funny clown and some thing to children.
See you soon.

Childhood memories.........ذكريات الطفوله

When I was eight I used to live in the same house as I do now. ALi, Mohammed, and Noor used to be my best friends. I used to like chocolate, Pizza and ice cream, but I didn't used to like fish or rice and I never used to drink milk. Barbie used to be my favorite toy, which I like to spend long time playing with it. The water garden, Adari park and Salmania park used to be my favorite places. //But I used to hate to go to school and hospitals. When I was little I used to like riding bikes. Swimming and watching T.V and I always wanted to be a doctor.

Responsibilities at home……المسؤليات في المنزل

Every person in this world has lots of responsibilities to do and I am one of them. For example I have to look after my little sister and help my younger sister with her homework. I also have to give my father the shopping list and I have to do lots of homework. Some times I have to help my mother with $$$$$ng and shopping but I don't have to wash the dishes or to clean the garden. In my opinion I think it's good to have responsibilities because this will help me in future when I have my own houses and kids.\ I don't always fulfill my responsibilities because I sometime have lots of homework to do. When this happens my mother shouts at me.

My dream room….غرفه النوم

I am a 15 years old student, which always dreams of having her own bedroom. //I thinks my bedroom is going to be big and blue. It's going to have tow windows with white curtains. My bed is going to be decorated with blue fish. //In my bedroom, there will be a T.V and stereo system, so I can listen to music while reading. I am going to home a big swimming pool in my bathroom, with a lot of toys. //My room is going to be always clean and comfortable as

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