اعطاء الرأي مع السبب Shopping in malls is better than shopping in markets

Shopping in malls is better than shopping in markets. "* 

Do you agree or not. Give your reasons. 

It is argued that shopping in malls are better than shopping in markets. I strongly agree with this statement and I think that shopping in grand shops has many advantages. 

First, there are many coffee bars and restaurants.  In other words, customers can sit and relax in different cafeterias and coffee shops.  In addition,  their children can play there in special entertaining areas which are equipped with various of plays and computer games.

Second, grand malls have plenty of large customer parking where consumers can park their cars easily. The parks are also marked with numbers , so everybody can find his car without any effort. 

Third, shopping in malls is interesting. Grand malls offer different brand names for different products such as garments, electronics,  cosmetics, perfume and many other things.

Finally,  shopping in malls is easy and quick. Customers can find everything under one roof. The products are organised in private areas, so everything can be found in a very short time.

To conclude,  I think that grand malls are the most exciting and  the easiest place for shopping with various types of commodities.

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