عرض شفوي العالم بدون وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي world without social media

عرض شفوي بعنوان What would the
world be like
without social


 With the increase in the number of people who
use social media around the world day by day, it
has become difficult to do without it, as social

media is used, today, for almost everything,
starting with communicating with family and
friends, keeping up with the news, sharing
photos and videos, and getting to know each
other. Find new people and find places you want
to visit.
And with the increase in our use of social media in our daily
lives, which leads us to wonder what would happen if social
media suddenly disappeared?

One of the main reasons that the disappearance
of social media is a positive thing is that it
“wastes time”, as we spend hours and hours
browsing social networking sites without feeling
the time, so when these sites disappear you will
have to make time to call or meet friends and
family, instead of relying It's social media that
makes us feel like we're actually connecting
with other people, when in fact we forget to
make time to see them.

Not using social media helps you avoid people
you don't actually want to talk to or see,
people like old school friends you don't want
to keep in touch with.

With social media, you can decide what things
you want to read, comment on, and pictures
you watch and like, but without them, you
have to go back to the days when someone
else showed you their pictures and told you
everything about their life, whether you liked it
or not, and then you'd need to Sit and listen to
the experiences.

Perhaps the biggest change from a life without
social media is that it works more efficiently,
away from the distractions that come from
using websites.

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